Under the California Public Records Act Government Code Section 6250, the San Mateo County Coroner's Office will disclose records to the public, upon request, unless there is a specific reason not to do so.  Please complete the following fields and submit the "webform."  The request will be sent immediately to the Supervising Deputy Coroner. 

The request will be reviewed within 10 days of conclusion of the Coroner's investigation.  The investigation may take up to 90 days to determine cause and manner of death.  The report will be sent directly to you following conclusion of the case, review of the request, and processing of the documentation (standard three to four month wait following the date of death).  Please contact the on-duty Deputy Coroner at (650) 312-5562 from 6:00 AM- Midnight, Sunday through Saturday with any questions or to ascertain an approximate timeline for conclusion of the Coroner's investigation. If there are any concerns or updates regarding release of the records, a Deputy Coroner will contact you. 

You may also send an email to Executive Assistant Christy Canclini at ccanclini@smcgov.org and include the following information: Name of requesting person, relationship to the decedent, Decedent's name, address where the report may be sent.

You may also print and complete the following form and mail it to the Coroner's Office at 50 Tower Road, San Mateo CA 94402, Attention: Christy Canclini.
Tell us what you think! San Mateo County cares about providing excellent and courteous public service.  We would like to know if we are succeeding and how we can do better.  Follow this link and take a moment to complete this survey following submission of your report request.
State relationship to decedent. If none, state "none" and answer the following question.
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List the address where the report will be sent. If you would like to pick up the report from the Coroner's Office, state "Will Call." A Coroner's Office staff member will contact you when the report is available for pick up. List the PONY address, if most appropriate.
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