JOHN DOE # 9 / CASE # 87-524 - IDENTIFIED 9/2005


On May 9, 1987, at approximately 0930 hours, the severely decomposed remains of John Doe #9 were found by a passerby after having apparently washed ashore on a private beach at 13183 Cabrillo Highway, Pescadero.

Description of Remains:

Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: Young adult - 20-25 years old
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Height: 5' 11-12" (long bone length calculations)
Weight: 66 lbs. total weight (estimated weight: 160-170 lbs.)
Clothing: None
Jewelry: None

Condition of remains: Floater, moderately decomposed. Found without head, forearms and lower legs.

Distinguishing marks or tattoos: None

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