JOHN DOE #1-52-1

On January 16, 1952, a badly decomposed male decedent was discovered on Miramar Beach and had been dead approximately 20 days. Both lower limbs and hands were missing at the knees and elbows. Upper and lower teeth had silver fillings, some recent. Dental information is present in the case file. One leg and shoe discovered on 01/19/1952. One “Case” pocket knife with three blades found in pocket. Ten keys on a heavy chain also retained and given to the Sheriff’s Office. Key for a “Yale lock” was stamped with “UN58357 & G F”.

Description of Remains:

Gender: Male 

Age: Approximately 45 years old 

Height: Approximately 5’10” 

Ancestry: European

Hair: Unknown 

Eyes: Unknown 

Weight: Stocky build; Approximately 200 lbs 


  • Blue Levi jeans and striped shorts 
  • Brown leather army garrison belt w/brass buckle 
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