***IDENTIFIED***JANE DOE #06-03 / CASE # 06-1429

On June 6, 2006 the remains of an unidentified female were found alongside a service trail off southbound Highway 1, in Pacifica. The remains were badly decomposed and the cause of death undetermined. Multiple religious items and extensive literature found.

*** On November 30, 2006 the fingerprints of Jane DOES were matched to an arrest record from CHP-San Francisco dated January 27, 2006. The name on the arrest record is "Sam Smith", date of birth January 20, 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky. A search of all records available has not provided the Coroner with any information and we believe the name "Sam Smith" may be fictitious. The picture appearing below if from her arrest on January 27th.

If you have information regarding the identification of this person, please contact:

San Mateo County Coroner's Office
Telephone: (650) 312-5562

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