What do I do now?

This document provides clarifying information regarding the Coroner's Office involvement.

Release of Authorization for Property/Final Disposition

This document may be completed by the legal next of kin to allow another individual to act on his or her behalf.  This document must be accompanied by a copy of the legal next of kin's government issued identification (such as a driver license or passport).

Mortuary Release-Authorization for the Release of Remains in Custody of the Coroner

Starting September 1, 2011, the San Mateo County Coroner's Office will only be accepting the above authorization form to release remains in the custody of the Coroner's Office. The form will need to be completed with the decedent's name, kin information, kin signature and verification information from the mortuary. If additional signatures are attached, please be sure to include both pages of the form. Prior to retrieval of the decedent, fax the completed form to the Coroner's Office at (650) 571-6258

Private Autopsy

Autopsies are available for deaths which are not within the Coroner’s jurisdiction. These autopsies are done by written request of the legal next of kin, and the requestor pays customary charges for the autopsy. (California Government Code Section 27520

County Cremation

When requesting the San Mateo County Coroner's Office to take custody of human remains (including fetal remains of 20 weeks uterogestation or more) which are unclaimed purusant to Health and Safety Code Section 7401.

California Trauma Scene Practitioners

A list of registered California Trauma Scene Practioners.